At the Start of 2013: Topics, Updates, and Predictions

Given it is the start of the year, I thought I would map out some of the topics I plan to cover this coming year in my posts. I also wish to relay some of the improvements that are planned for the reference page areas. As you know, the focus of Recipe for IT  is practical, workable techniques and advice that works in the real world and enables IT managers to be more successful. In 2012, we had a very successful year with over 34,000 views from over 100 countries, though most are from the US, UK, and Canada. And I wish to thank the many who have contributed comments and feedback — it has really helped me craft a better product. So with that in mind, please provide your perspective on the upcoming topics, especially if there are areas you would like to see covered that are not.

As you know, I have structured the site into two main areas: posts – which are short, timely essays on a particular topic and pages– which often take a post and provide a more structured and possibly deeper view of the topic. The pages are intended to be an ongoing reference of best practice for you leverage.

For posts, I will be continue the discussion on cloud and data centers. I will also delve more into production practices and how to achieve high availability. Some of you may have noticed some posts are placed first on InformationWeek and then subsequently here. This helps increase the exposure of Recipe for IT and also ensure good editing (!).

For the reference pages, I have recently refined and will continue to improve the project delivery and project managements sections. Look also for updates and improvements to efficiency and cost reductions in IT and well as the service desk.

What other topics would you like to see explored? Please comment and provide your feedback and input.

And now to the fun part, six predictions for Technology in 2013:

6. 2013 is the year of the ‘connected house’ as standards and ‘hub’ products achieve critical mass.

5. The IT job market will continue to tighten requiring companies to invest in growing talent as well as higher IT compensation.

4. Fragmentation will multiply in the mobile market, leaving significant advantage to Apple and Samsung being the only companies commanding premiums for their products.

3. HP will suffer further distress in the PC market both from tablet cannibalization and aggressive performance from Lenovo and Dell.

2. The corporate server market will continue to experience minimal increases in volume and flat or downward pressure on revenue.

1. Microsoft will do a Coke Classic on Windows 8.

As an IT manager, it is important to have strong, robust competition – so perhaps both Microsoft and HP will sort out their issues in the consumer device/OS space and come back stronger than ever.

What would you add or change on the predictions? I look forward to your take on 2013 and technology!

Best, Jim Ditmore


About Jim D

Jim has worked in the IT field for over 25 years and as a senior leader for over 15 years. He has successfully turned around a number of IT shops to become high performing teams and a competitive advantage for their companies.
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7 Responses to At the Start of 2013: Topics, Updates, and Predictions

  1. Bob R says:

    I enjoy reading your ideas each month. I am going to take your invitation to add to the predictions and ask for your comments. See the following:
    . I am “in the IT business” and would like your thoughts on the extraction of value from the explosion of data pouring in from every imaginable source in many formats – digital, video, audio, social media, etc.
    My prediction is that companies that consider technology as a strategic advantage will use real time or near real time operational data from the mobile device explosion you point to and create competitive advantage leveraging that unstructured data and historical data that they have in-house.

    • Jim D says:


      Thanks for the positive feedback and glad you are finding Recipe For IT useful. I would agree with your prediction but add a bit more to it. I do think you have to be careful not to just apply the technology and analyze the data – it is having the right data and the right models. Companies that are agile and able to do this with speed will gain significant advantage. Real time decisioning by the model – rather than traditional coded logic will yield major gains. But you have to be careful – as Knight Capital can attest, if you have the wrong model making decisions, you can the lose the company. Look forward to your comments in the future. Best, Jim Ditmore.

  2. Bob R says:

    I am curious to know what your thoughts are on the explosion of “big data”, especially from obile devices, and my prediction:
    I predict that companies that consider IT as a strategic advantage will leverage the new tools that are being released to perform joins of data that is structured (Oracle/DB2/IMS etc.) and unstructured i.e. Hadoop to extract value for a competitve advantage.

    • Jim D says:

      Bob, I would agree and it is happening now. In fact f you look at technologies like Greenplum, it is exactly this hybrid analysis of both structured and unstructured data where they are looking to deliver advantage. Best, Jim Ditmore

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