I have collected the posts that I thought were of interest (and some enduring value) but did not fall into a best practice or leadership topic area. I hope you find them to still have some currency and useful perspective:

  • Real Lessons of Innovation from Kodak: With the recent demise of Kodak, and the anxious business focus on innovation, what can be learned and applied to other companies by IT leaders?
  • All Things Agile and Innovative: Given the pressures to be agile and innovative, how can IT leaders support and help deliver these capabilities for their business?
  • Why You Want an Australian Pilot: Lessons from the cockpit for IT leadership and how apply principles of PDI and a low hierarchy environment to achieve greater success in IT.
  • Too Busy to Be Productive?:  Given all the distractions on the modern world plus the urgent nature of much IT work, it is easy to lose traction and be unproductive. This post provides techniques to make yourself and your IT team more productive.
  • How to Build the Right Skills for a Great IT Career: Whether you are just starting out in IT, or you have mid- or senior level experience, this post provides a framework and key tips on how to acquire the most valuable skills to further your career in IT.
Best, Jim Ditmore


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  1. Peter Haynes says:

    Jim –

    On another note, I am impressed with your blog, very focused.


    Peter H

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