IT Services

In essence, there are three types of services that IT provides:

– Production: the regular technology services that are delivered everyday to both internal and external customers of your enterprise. These range from email and file sharing to general ledgers to ATM system to billing systems and your company’s internet site.

– Routine Services: this would include the delivery of client technology to your business such as new or upgraded desktops, mobile devices, remote access, and small moves, adds, or changes to office technology.

– Projects: initiatives that enable the business to upgrade or transform systems, applications, and business processes to provide new capability or capacity.

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  3. Exactly where did u obtain the concepts to create ““IT Services | Recipes for
    IT”? Thanks ,Darrin

    • Jim D says:


      The concepts have either been developed by me or teams that I have worked on over the past 25 years. I have also been blessed with some outstanding colleagues that really know the industry and best practices. I have tried to hone these learnings to be used more broadly to then share and increase the level of success in IT. Best, Jim

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