IT Production and Availability

Job one for IT shops is to deliver robust production services. With 25 years of experience turning around medium and large IT shops performance, especially their production availability and quality, I have begun to collect the best practices and key techniques to enable outstanding performance. The typical, even average availability improvement for the shops we transformed was a 90% reduction in incidents and customer impact. Many experienced a 95% or greater reduction that was both sustained and maintained with increased rates of change. Production performance should be an area of focus for any IT shop looking to achieve competitive advantage and enable better business performance.  IT production best practices are covered in the following reference pages:

Further, you or your team can review this video presentation on how to tackle and improve availability.

I will be building this section out to provide a strong base of knowledge including templates and examples for any organization on a journey of improvement. It is important to view the IT shop not as a set of craftsmen but a collection of several small factories, which, with the right goals and accountabilities coupled with disciplined best practice approaches will enable you to achieve outstanding results.

Please do not hesitate to send me a comment if you have questions or seek clarification on any of these areas.

Best, Jim Ditmore

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