Providing Outstanding Personal Leadership

This will cover the key elements needed for providing outstanding leadership. I will review how to:

  • set a compelling vision and define cascading goals and expectations
  • combine a vision and goals with a leader and team personality to build an robust culture
  • handle conflict and setbacks and turn these into episodes that strengthen rather than weaken your team
  • make a daily difference and demonstrate to your team what should be done every day
  • review your personal behaviors and work ethic to ensure you are being the best leader for your team

I will be exploring these areas in May and look forward to your contributions here.

Best, Jim

2 Responses to Providing Outstanding Personal Leadership

  1. pilgpancri says:

    Our view on the potential impacts on both jobs and in particular the loss of a wealth ladder for developing countries was reiterated in a study published this past week. Where such information?

    • Jim D says:

      Dear sir,
      There is a link in the note to a Bloomberg article ‘Is the outlook for developing nations darkened by a robot future’ that summarizes a recent Oxford Martin study just published in the past few weeks. In sum, ‘The share of jobs that could be automated in developing countries ranges from 55 percent in Uzbekistan to 85 percent in Ethiopia. The poorer countries have a higher potential for technology upgrades and adoption than most advanced economies, based on World Bank research that features in a new study from Citi and the Oxford Martin School. That substantial threat of automation could make building a manufacturing base on the back of comparatively cheap labor a less viable path toward development, according to the report from the U.S-based bank and the school, a research and policy branch of the University of Oxford.‘ This reiterates the view Recipe For IT published in its December 13 post that was also sketched out in an earlier Financial Times article.
      Best, Jim Ditmore

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