Best Practices

The Recipes for IT site is structured into two primary areas:

  • posts: where I provide regular perspectives on topics of the day as well as best practices
  • pages: where I have structured the material and augmented it to provide an enduring reference for best practices. The material is often derived from the posts, but is more complete and includes additional details and templates for IT leaders to use to be more successful

This Best Practices area currently covers 8 topics:

  • efficiency and cost reduction
  • leveraging metrics for IT
  • project delivery best practices and project management
  • service desk
  • IT production and availability
  • data center and cloud computing
  • information security
  • procurement and vendor management

To reach these areas simply click on the drop down menu to navigate to them. I hope to further expand these current topics and perhaps add some new ones in the future. Let me know if there is an area in which you are particularly interested.

Best, Jim Ditmore

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